Three Reasons You Need a Vacation

Where do you tend to spend your money? As Jesus once so memorably taught, because our hearts are where our treasure is, if we want to get a sense of what’s most important to us we need look no further than our bank statements. Which leads me back to my opening question, where do you spend your money?

While there’s no one “right” way to use our financial resources I do believe that some are more fruitful than others. As I look back over my own credit card statement each year I’ll confess that I too often see frivolous purchases that added very little to my overall well-being. But while there are any number of ways to waste our spending money there’s one use of my own that I never regret- vacation.

Having recently returned from the trip of a lifetime to Brazil here are five reasons I love vacation, and believe every leader needs to budget time to make sure and regularly get away. Whether it’s a weekend away just down the road or a few weeks absconding halfway across the world, regularly building vacation into your life will make you a more effective leader in some significant ways. Here’s why.

  1. It Brings Your Family Together

    The single biggest reason I’ve made a commitment to regularly invest in vacation is that it brings my family together like little else can. Even though that family is just my wife and I right now, with the fullness of our schedules catching a quick hour of T.V. before bed together all too often qualifies as our only “quality time” together in the day to day.

    There’s a cost to investing the time and money it takes to get away on vacation, but I can’t possibly put a price on the relational benefit that those precious days of adventure and constant contact bring to my marriage.

  2. It’s Rejuvenating

    While there have certainly been some trips so hectic I’ve come home thinking “I need a vacation from my vacation”, when planned well time away from the burdens and challenges of work can be deeply rejuvenating. Every time we vacation we remind ourselves that we’re human beings, not human doings.

    No matter how much you love your life or job everyone needs a break from time to time. Even Jesus who had the full resources of divinity at His disposal, and just a few short years with which to do ministry, consistently took time to get away from the crowds and recharge through personal time spent with His Father.

  3. It Provides a Fresh Perspective

    I’m always amazed at how even when I do all that I can to forget about my day to day while away, vacation has a way of providing fresh perspective on it when I return. Whether it’s because of the slower pace of “vacation time” or the uniqueness of the experiences, I always come back from my trips with new vision for my life back home.

    I heard a Pastor say once that when you change your pace, and change your place, you’ll change your perspective. Vacation provides an easy opportunity to have that perspective shift happen. Feeling lost in your day to day or like you could use an infusion of vision? Take some time away and see what fresh perspective you come back with.

So, when’s the last time you took a vacation? Remember it doesn’t have to be a grand affair to be worth it. Don’t have the time to take a week away? Take a weekend. Don’t have the money to get out of the state? Get out of your city. Start planning a trip today and watch how God uses that time away to make you better for the long haul.

Question: Do you like to take vacations? Why? What’s the best trip you’ve ever taken?

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