The Scariest Question You’ll Ever Ask

One of the best leadership skills you’ll ever develop is the ability to ask wise questions. The best leaders I know are ferocious question askers. They’re always looking to learn, and there’s no one they can’t learn from.

Leaders are readers sure, but the best of them are also questioners.
Questioners of the status quo, questioners of those who are succeeding in their field, and questioners of how much of what most would call impossible really is.

While I don’t know him personally, I imagine that Andy Stanley is a phenomenal questioner. A while back on the “The Art of Inviting Feedback” episode of the best leadership podcaston the planet, he actually introduced a question for leaders to ask their teams that was scarier than any I’d ever heard. In fact as soon as I finished the podcast, even though Andy’s challenge was for the leaders listening to go and ask this question to their teams my first though was, “There’s NO way I could ever do that!”