The Surprising Power of Your Story

A 30 something American who was completely shut off to Jesus for most of his life who now helps direct a multimillion dollar ministry in Nicaragua. A 60 something woman who was running as far from Jesus as she could through a life of vicarious partying before an earthquake no one else felt woke her up and sent her to church where she came to know Jesus.

A 20 something biologist from the suburbs who has a heart for Hispanic students and wants to one day teach at a school in the inner city about the integration of science and faith. These are just a few of the stories I had the privilege to hear over the last week as I took two Graduate School classes at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary’s Charlotte campus.

Three Ways to Push Through a Plateau

Plateaus, those moments where it feels like progress has stopped and the stagnancy of same has set in. Everyone experiences plateaus, but I’ve yet to meet the person who would admit to enjoying them. Whether in relationships, life, or leadership, getting stuck on a plateau can quickly strip all the joy of the work that came before it away, leaving only frustration and angst in its wake.

Painful as these plateaus may be they’re a reality of life that can’t be escaped, but I’ve found that with the right mindset any plateau can be pushed through. Want to make sure a plateau doesn’t keep you from accomplishing all that God has laid on your heart to do? Here are five ways to push through the next one you face.